The Blue world city is a society that will be launching soon near the new Islamabad international airport by chines. It is the first time in Pakistan that society will be constructed with the collaboration of China. It’s a Pak-china friendly city. The Blue world city is going to be a new commercial center in Pakistan, making a manufacturing market for both Pakistanis and chines.  Because of the project’s deliberated location, it allows safe and easy access to buyers. The blue world city is going to initiate the chines utilized parks, hotels, resorts, schools, colleges, mosques, etc. here is another important thing that this project is also going to erect a catering for the needs of the housing fulfilling the demand of the well-developed housing society.

Local real estate market

Keeping in view the trendy pricing and developments, Pakistan real estate has shown fast and quick growth. There must be a chance to facilitate the middle-class category to have its own house. Adding this important purpose Blue world city is going to bring up the middle-class category.  Same as we have introduced the ICHS town, University town also. Such housing schemes can give a modern standard to the middle class too having balanced pricing plans and packages.



Blue world city is situated a few kilometers away from Chakri interchange which will be the main route to access all over Rawalpindi. It is close to the new Islamabad international airport and motorway which will be the main route to CPEC secured by CPEC security camp rangers as well.

Salient features of blue world city

The Blue world city has tremendous features and facilities to live peaceful and standard living.

The Blue world city projects have fabulous opportunities for a well and standard life.  The society is going to emerging the next revolution in the shape of a blue world city. There are countless advantages for citizens like luxurious lifestyles, modern commercial avenues, education, health, and the most advanced planned community.  Blue world city is a secured gated community; it has underground electricity, Transport, water filtration plant, CCTV security surveillance, police station, sports and cultural complex, 40-bed hospitals and so on. There is the biggest water theme park in this project for entertainment. This will have different water rides, volcanic and wave pool waterfall, as well as eye, catching fountains; kids play area, and water surfing. Blue world city project has leisure and entertainment club 3D cinema. There will be safari zoo, warm and freshwater pools including SPA club, adventure club also in it.

The Blue world city is rising star projects among its competitors because of its high facilitate planning and balanced budget packages. Some of our same projects have taken place before the park view city and capital smart city. In these projects, we also got brisk success in a very period. We offer the best opportunity that’s why each of our projects brings us on top position in a short gap.