“Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to the community.” This quote by Simon Mainwaring provides the outlook that technology and social media enhances our lives, rather than the common argument that the community and people around the world are falling prey to it. Similar to most things in society, technology has its downfalls, but it also has created many opportunities for individuals throughout the world. Technology has given way to social media, which has enhanced lives by creating networking opportunities and helping individuals find jobs and helping friends and families keep in touch in a world where we no longer live within close proximity to each other and a phone call might not be as simple to make as it once was.

Social media is important in our life because it allows employers to seek out potential employees, and vise versa. It provides an easy way view how one promotes them and offers an insight into one’s values. This is helpful to people searching for jobs to have an idea on whether or not a job is a good fit for them. It also allows employers to do the same; they are able to view an applicant and decide whether or not it seems as though they will help to promote the company or organization in a positive light, rather then hinder it’s view on the community. It also leads to an easy way of contact. Applicants are able to apply for jobs online through social media websites such as “Linked-In”, and other websites such as “Indeed” exist to make job hunting easy. Likewise, employers who are searching for new employees to join their team are able to look at these sites and search through people who are searching for jobs and subsequently reach out to anyone they feel might be a good fit for the company. Ultimately, social media has increased the ability to search and find jobs and for employers to seek out applicants. As a society, we are better able to find jobs that we are looking for, making it possible to increase our quality of life.

Although some people believe that social media has turned our society and communities into “zombies who stare down at our phones”, social media has increased led to the possibility for people to reach out to loved ones whom may live far, be sick, a quick way to share important information with multiple people at once, or not have a working phone number. With the availability to find jobs becoming easier through social media, so do the opportunities to move in order to hold a job. In these situations one may not be located as close to a family member or friend as they may like. Social media provides the opportunity for individuals to share pictures, messages, videos, and details of their lives with people whom they want to see. It helps people to not like they are missing a chunk of the lives of their loved ones, because they are able to continuously connect with them online. The ability to connect with others through social media helps to promote social connections, while decreasing loneliness one may feel when they are not in contact with the people they wish to be.

In cases of terror and fear, social media can create a main source of contact between individuals when a cell phone can not be reached. In the present times, we have been subjected to many terrorist attacks throughout the world. “Facebook” is a social media source that provides users the ability to “check-in safe”, or let their friends know that they are unharmed in instances such as these. Many times, they may not have access to a phone if it was lost or left behind, or if they must remain quiet for one reason or another. As humans, we also fall prey to illness, and social media can be a sufficient source to let others know how we are doing. If one is suffering from the flu, they may be able to update family on how they are doing through social media. Likewise, people who feel the desire to let their friends and family know how they are doing in situations of terminal illnesses can use social media to pass their note along in a quick way in which everyone can see. Instead of having to make multiple calls or texts to let their loved ones know an update on an illness, they are able to make a mass post for everyone to view.

Similar to letting a wide range of people know about how you are doing with an illness, social media also lets us share other big news with our friends and family at once time, rather than having to tell everyone individually. For example, if you become engaged, pregnant, or are throwing a party of some sort, it is much easier to make a post on a social media website than to send multiple cards to inform everyone or invitations. Although invitations are still common in society, social media presents individuals with another quick option to see the details of an event, often times much sooner than when they would receive an invitation. It also allows for the information of an event to remain online, just in case an invitation goes missing.  Ultimately, ease of access is something social media provides, enhancing our lives so we are better able to keep ourselves organized and stay up to date with the current events happening in our daily lives.

The society we live in today is one where cell phones have become increasingly popular, and landlines are dwindling. Cell phones are a great piece of technology that help to keep in contact with loved ones while on the run, but what happens when you drop and break your phone, drop it into water, lose it, or just can’t afford it? Social media provides an outlet to keep in contact with your loved ones when having a phone is not possible and can provide comfort to family members who do not live close by.

Ultimately, while it is important to have face-to-face social contact with the people in our lives, social media provides an outlet when this isn’t the most logical or possible activity. By allowing the ease of searching and applying for jobs, getting information out quickly to loved ones, and the ability to stay in contact with loved ones from afar, social media has provided benefits to our lives that have only helped to advance society. Although some people may believe that technology and social media has led to a decrease in quality of life, it is more reasonable to say that everything has a downfall, but social media has provided the ability for us to continue to communicate and enhance our social lives.