Casablanca is a famous city in Morocco. It is also called the financial capital of Morocco. It is one of the well-known artificial ports in the world. Since Casablanca is the financial hub in the region, so people from different areas of the world come here to seek their fortune. But it is not the tourists’ favorite city. Most people like to spend their vacations in the exotic cities of Morocco, but they don’t stay in Casablanca, thinking that there is nothing for tourists. Let’s find out the truth about Casablanca being not too touristy.

Take a tour of the city:

Casablanca is the largest city and the economic capital of Morocco. But why tourists do not come to Casablanca. Well, the reason is that Casablanca does not have much to offer to the tourists. But it does not mean that there are not any exciting sights in Casablanca. As a matter of fact, in Casablanca there are many places where you can spend a good time alone, with friends or family. You might have heard that Casablanca is full of history and architecture. There are several historical sites that you can visit.

How would you get there? After landing on the Casablanca International airport, go directly to your hotel room. Take rest for a while, and then come out of the hotel to start exploring the city. You can book a taxi to explore the sights or rent a car. In a private car, you would feel more comfortable while exploring the hidden paradise in Casablanca, “the commercial city of Morocco.”

Enjoy your time on the beaches:

There is a lot for the entertainment of tourists in Casablanca. You want to spend some good time sitting relaxed then head towards the beaches in the city. Casablanca is located on the coastline, so there are numerous beaches in the city. Ain Diab is one of the most famous beaches in Casablanca. Sit relaxed on the sand and forget about the worries of life at least for some time. One thing you should remember is that not all beaches in Casablanca are for swimming.

There are restaurants and eateries on the beaches where you can have lunch and dinner. People of Casablanca gather on the beaches at night to have fun. Annual music festivals are also held on the beaches.

Admire the architecture in the city:

Casablanca is a historical city where you would be able to see the signs of different cultures. You can start your visit by exploring the beautiful Hassan II mosque. You may not be aware of the fact that it has the largest minarets in the world. Non-Muslims can also enter and visit the mosque only on guided tours. But tourists have to wear modest dresses that cover their bodies. In simple words, you can’t wear shorts or revealing dresses while visiting the mosque. King’s palace is another place you should visit. The architecture is amazing. But tourists are not allowed to enter the palace so you can only see the exterior. Then visit Scala, which is the remains of old Portuguese-style fortress. Sacre Coeur Cathedral was used as the place of worship by Christians. It is now abandoned, but still, it is an impressive sight. Twin centers in Casablanca stand proudly on the city skyline. It is one of the modern pieces of architecture in the city.

A walk on the streets of old medina:

You are in Morocco, and you don’t do the souvenir shopping, then your tour is incomplete. The best place to purchase traditional Moroccan stuff in Casablanca is an old medina. You want to see the lives of local people then walk on the streets of the old medina. You will see vendors selling fish, spices, meat, vegetable, clothes, and many other items. You will see kids running and playing in the streets. But you can’t visit the old media in the car.

Taste the super delicious food:

Casablanca is a city where you will see a beautiful blend of modern and traditional Morocco. You must try traditional Moroccan cuisine, which is super delicious. You can find the traditional Moroccan food easily in the restaurants in Casablanca. But if you want to eat any International cuisine, you don’t need to worry at all. Restaurants in Casablanca serve international cuisine as well. Many restaurants in Casablanca serve vegan and diet food, as well.

You can make your tour to Casablanca even more memorable and enjoyable if you collect information about the places you want to visit. It will save you time, and you wouldn’t face any difficulty to get there. Casablanca may not be as exotic as the other cities, but still, there is something special about it. Staying a few days in Casablanca is worth it.