The real estate cases are perhaps one of the most viable and incredible alternatives for autonomous or real estate brokers who are looking for ways to increase revenues.

However, it is not always very clear how cases can actually be used and what we can do to make them sell.

And that’s why, in today’s text, we’ll understand everything about the topic so that, in this way, you can start planning the assembly of your first case focused on your real estate’s marketing actions.

Because unlike some types of strategies, this is one that has a lot of persuasion and sales power.

Follow along to understand everything.

Real Estate Cases – What are they?

Before we go into practice, it is important to understand what real estate cases are.

In a nutshell, the cases are nothing more than case studies of your real estate clients who were successful, successful or some kind of achievement from a product or service you offered.

Case studies can be used in two ways.

The first one is institutionally and internally. In other words, studying an internal or external case to extract good insights from it to apply on a daily basis.

And the second way is to build cases to help inspire your prospects. This way you will use the case to attract new customers.

The two approaches are different. And here, we’re just going to deal with the final audience-oriented approach. That is, your potential customer.

Blue world city want to help you build a line of reasoning to understand all the basics of a case, and not just pass on a ready-made recipe that often won’t even work. Keep reading to understand everything.

How to effectively use real estate cases in your marketing plan

So far, we already understand what real estate cases are and, in general, what they are for. From now on, we will go a little deeper into studies so that you can apply the knowledge today.

That is, even today you can put on paper a real estate marketing strategy using cases to inspire and attract new prospects.

And for that, we’ve separated a basic action plan in a few steps so that you can have a north. It is important to say that there is no single and exclusive way to build a case.

Everything will depend on a series of specifics that your real estate agency will have or even according to the global goals that you have stipulated at some point.

So, based on your business plan and your marketing plan, it can be a great idea to get what we’ll understand in the following topics:

  • Find out who is your target audience and your persona to better target the case;
  • Record an honest conversation between you and your satisfied customer;
  • Generate content based on what your real estate has generated results – Showcase!
  • Arouse the “I can too” feeling in your prospect;

We will explore each of the above items individually. Keep reading to understand everything.

Find out who your target audience is and their persona to better target the case

The first aspect you need to consider in order to create a good real estate case is, without a doubt, to understand or even discover who your target audience and their persona are.

But what does this mean? I mean, in a nutshell, that you need to know who you are talking to/dealing with.

If this is not clear, you can make the investment in advertising, advice or building cases, but the chances of converting will be minimal.

After all, we need to know in depth who our audience is, even before offering any type of product or service.

See this example:

imagine that you have a success story of a client who was happy and fulfilled with the purchase of a property on the beach, to spend the holiday season with his family.

Now imagine that you are going to use this sale as a case study to attract new customers. Who will these potential new customers be?

This is the question you need to answer, with as little detail as possible about consumer behavior, needs, wants, goals, etc.

Showing this case study to a 20-year-old just out of college and still living with his parents is certainly not going to have the effects you’d expect.

Therefore, targeting is critical. The case, only by itself, will not be effective if it is not well targeted.

Record an honest conversation between you and your satisfied customer

Assembling the case itself can be done in a number of ways – and later on, we’ll understand this better.

However, one of the most viable ways to get an idea on paper in this regard is to capture an honest conversation with your satisfied customer.

This conversation can take different types of approaches. After all, you will need to tailor it to your audience, who will later consume this case study. So record in a way that makes sense to whoever is watching.

You can record, for example, 1 hour of conversation or more. Then you’ll be able to creatively edit and cut the material to take advantage of each of the points individually.

Often, a simple 1-minute testimonial will be all a prospect would want to see before buying from you. And the more foundation and honesty the content is, the better.

Recording a conversation with a satisfied customer is a way for that customer to say they are satisfied. And not necessarily say your real estate is the best – there’s a lot of difference in that, and we’ll understand it better later on.

Keep reading

Generate content based on what your real estate has generated in results – Showcase!

Once you have a good capture (the relaxed conversation), you will be able to start using it. In other words, you don’t have to wait for the right, perfect and unique moment to use a case study.

You can use it as content that builds value around your real estate brand.

A simple, short video with an honest testimonial and empathy builds is an awesome content format to use on social media and blog.

Making this type of material available for potential customers to watch is one of the most viable ways to sell more.

So, instead of just saying that your real estate is the best in the market, demonstrate it. Let satisfied customers speak and create the image you are looking for.

After all, people connect with people. Not branded. So, humanize as much as you can. And creating real estate cases to use as content is, without a doubt, a great way to humanize.

Awaken the feeling of “I can too” in your prospect

And finally, it is important to remember that a real estate case needs to generate this kind of feeling and thought in the prospect that consumes it: “I can too!”.

That is, you need to make people understand that they too can achieve the happiness or fulfillment that your customer has achieved. And a real estate case is, without a doubt, an excellent tool for this.

The feeling of “I can too” is a mixture of empathy, will, desire, trust, attitude and rationality.

It’s all that will help a sale to be mounted in your prospect’s head, in a much more clear and objective way. People gain confidence from the moment they see other people doing something.

There are numerous mental triggers being fired right now.

For example, if a person is afraid to walk over a bridge, but sees other people passing by and reaching the other side, then confidence grows and the attitude is put into practice.

After all, even with fear, the person also wants to reach the other side. I just needed an extra boost.

This is the power of a well-produced case study.

What to put in a real estate case and how to present it?

In order for us to be successful in our real estate cases, it is essential that he is well prepared. Therefore, it is important to understand what to put in this study, since this will determine the attention or not of your prospects.

As we understood earlier, if you don’t understand your target audience and persona, the chances of getting good results with cases also diminish. After all, it’s only by knowing the audience that you’ll know what to show.

In general, we have separated some items that are very important in real estate cases, which are the following:

  • Real data that confirms some type of success or achievement of your customers;
  • The tone of the case needs to be one of empathy – not one of exhibitionism;
  • Demonstrate the customer journey to arouse interest from those on the same path;
  • Present the material through marketing campaigns – E-mail, Facebook Ads or external media;

Follow along to understand each of the above points.

Real data that confirms some type of success or achievement of your customers

The first criterion you need to understand about building real estate cases is this: they need to be real.

That is, they need to demonstrate the reality of their audience. If this doesn’t happen, you can even move your prospects away from your real estate company, as the reverse effect will happen: they will understand that this is not for them.

So present real data, use day-to-day elements, speak simply and be in the language of the prospect.

It needs to connect as soon as possible with the message you want to convey. This is what will forward the rest of the operation.

As often as a given is real, it can seem very far from some human realities. So, try to understand the best way to present this data, so that the prospect says: “I can too!”.

The tone of the case needs to be one of empathy – not one of exhibitionism

A real estate case is not a way of saying that your real estate is the best and that you have the best results. It’s not a competition. But yes, a message of empathy.

You want to get a prospect to buy from you. And don’t create a self-honor to demonstrate your results. After all, it’s not about showing off.

The empathy is one of the mental triggers more powerful than exist.

It is through empathy that we manage to generate feelings of belonging, possibilities and naturalness. Remember that you need to get the prospect to say, “if he can, so can I!”

And using empathy to do this can be a viable, natural and human way to increase your real estate sales in the medium and long term.

Demonstrate the customer journey to arouse the interest of those on the same path

The customer journey is often long, time-consuming and curvy. That is, it is difficult to understand and often even random. After all, each human being is unique.

However, it is possible to extract some types of patterns and mutual desires from one prospect to another. And the more specific data you have, the better the customer journey will be understood.

And you should take advantage of this data to present in your real estate cases, so that the prospect you are consuming understands that his road is similar. And, once again, he needs to say: “I can too!”

At this point, once again you need to use empathy triggers as a way to make your prospects connect to the case study.

Present material through marketing campaigns – Email, Facebook Ads or external media

And finally, where can you present your real estate cases?

This will be at your discretion. But, as a way to incorporate the material into a sales action, you can use it in marketing campaigns.

Therefore, produce case content to publish on social networks and even send by email. If you prefer, you can even use testimonials in outdoor media, such as billboards or newspapers.

Therefore, count on Ville Imob to have access to exclusive tools for your real estate, as a way to optimize internal processes so that you can focus on what is important: selling.